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Taking on large projects used to be a bigger challenge for us. We learned that to effectively finish a high volume project it takes the following:

1. Management on our end and open communication. Our project managers and foreman can lead a crew to stay on time and provide results to issues that arise on these large projects.

2. Products: The use of the right products without compromising quality and minimizing increased change orders can keep everyone profitable and effecient.

3. Employees: We do not use additional painting subcontractors, thus allowing our team to stay on the same page and keep safety, quality and effeciency at the highest standards. We are large enough to complete large volume projects while remaining the right size to maintain detailed workmanship.

4. Flexibility: Remainding flexible with schedules and the ability to work with additional trades at various levels.

5. Effeciency and Quality: The ultimate fine-line. Completion in a quality and timely manner takes experience.

Commercial Contracting

Commercial Exterior Paint Company

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide an endless array of finishes at any level. This project on Tejon street in the HI-LO neighborhood provided us with the biggest challenges to date.

The most interesting is the use of cement panels as siding accents. We used semi-transparent concrete stain with thick naps and worked the stain in all directions once it became tacky. The outsome was incredible. A good portion of the exterior is lined with faux cement boards we produced on-site at a large volume.

The logs are local beetle kill pine stained with Sikkens log and siding stain. The doors are also stained with Sikkens as well as numerous other wood applications. This project consisted of some of the most modern and contemporary finishes we have completed to date.

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