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American Clay – Old World Arches

American Clay has endless possibilities…Arches are an excellent place to install clay. The natural plaster replicates a true “European Old World Finish.” You know instantly that there is something unique right when you enter the home. It is subtle and draws the eye.

These arches were installed with a enjarre grade plaster and compressed. The final finish is a lime wash coat adding depth and texture. Special attention was needed to shape the bullnose drywall. Compressing the bullnose was time consuming and proved to be worth the effort.

Upon consulting with our client about where to install the clay in the 4000 square foot home took some thought. Initially we were going to install a Loma finish in the bathrooms and a few accents. After finishing the Bathroom in a Enjarre (color: verde valley) finish, we decided to complete the smaller set of arches as well in an additional color.

The homeowners contracted us to plaster 8 arches. Three arches were installed with enjarre and compressed. The remaining arches were coated with enjarre (color: sulfer spring) and compressed with the addition of a lime wash.

Our clients are ecstatic about the outcome and that makes us happy. One day the homeowner Linda states to us as we are installing the clay-

“Everytime you guys are working with the clay and I come home, it smells like rain.”

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