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Metallic Walls – Contemporary Silver

This media room in Keystone, Colorado is one of many contemporary finishes in one of our favorite client’s homes. Painting metallic paint on this large of a scale took some patience, as well as a special air-assisted sprayer (HVLP-like) to get a quality finish. We tried a handful of samples using rollers and each sample left lines and markings from the roller naps. We masked off the entire room (including the enormous outer-space light lamp) and got started.

We quickly realized that it would take a light fogging of 3 coats to get the smooth finish we were after. We also applied a water-based polyurethane to bring a more brilliant look to the metallic finish.

Once we completed the last polyurethane coat,  the walls almost lit-up from the reflective light on the glass like metallic surface.

Products: Modern Masters – Metallic Paint Finish

Topcoat: Deft – Waterborn Polyurethane – Gloss

Interior Painting-Introduction

Interior painting requires additional care on many levels. Taking precautions to protect furniture, floors, cabinets, trimwork and personal items is the first priority for us on any interior painting project. Moving personal items carefully and using the correct means in moving furniture and heavy items is essential.

We understand that we are in your personal area and we are concious of this. Remaining quiet, curtious and communicating about which areas we will be working in and in what order. Expensive artwork, delicate plants, family heirlooms or your favorite leather recliner are all placed outside of work areas and protected. We make it a number one priority when working on interior painting projects.

1. Staging an area in which tools and paint will be poured and used. Masking and protecting this area (garage/outside). Removing shoes or use shoe covers.

2. Determining possible safety issues. Ladders placed at the right areas?  Communicating with one another about which areas are to be completed first.

3. Staging a room for paint. Moving furniture and personal items as needed. Protecting with plastic. Laying tarps on tile and carpet.

4. Varifying colors and sheens. Labeling paint cans.

5. Repairing any drywall and holes from wallhangings. Drywall and texture as needed. Prime areas with PVA drywall primer.

6. Masking and taping any wood, trim or areas not to be painted. Caulk creases and fill as needed.


We can now begin painting the room after a final check of the room is done to be sure we are ready for paint. Varify paint colors.

1. Complete paint and finishes as scheduled.

2. After paint drys after 1-2 hours, touch ups are completed and quality checked.

3. Furniture and personal items are replaced.

4. All plastic, tape ect is removed from room and floors are vaccumed and or swept.

5. Final walk of the room.


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