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Exterior Staining – Using the Right Products

Semi-transparent house stain

Not all products are equal and you get what you pay for has been the old adage. It proves true time and time again. This picture is an example of a waterborne semi-transparent stain (Olympic). We only like to plug products we use on a regular basis and that we know will hold up against the elements. Olympic stain is one of our favorites due to the natural sheen it produces once dried. The only potential downfall is that this particular product can be heavy in pigment and act more like a semi-solid. The following is a list of some of our favorites:

Olympic: Semi-transparent Water-Oil modified (waterborne)
Sherwin Williams – Woodscapes Semi-transparent waterborne

Sherwin Williams – Woodscapes Solid – Latex
Cabot – Solid Stain

When deciding which finish to apply to your home the use of water based semi and solid stain products will give you the longest lasting finish. The one downside as there is to anything… you do lose that rich wood grain with the semi-transparents versus the transparent toners.

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