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Longevity of Your Stain Project

This home in Blue River, Colorado was originally weathered , dark and damaged and in need of TLC. The homeowner was concerned that the wood could be brought back to its near-original state. The fascia boards were dry cracked and almost black due to the oxidation of the wood.

The selection of products is one of the most important factors in getting a good stain job with longevity and less future maintenence costs. The 300 plus days of sun at an altitude of 10,000 feet will tear down the finish on exterior wood in as little as a few years. One way to lengthen your woods finish is to use a high quality solid water- born stain on your fascias and decks. This surfaces are always the first to show wear and tear. The pigments in water based stains are more reflective of the UV light than the natural solvent based pigments.

Preparing and washing the wood effectively is another important factor. Transparent stains will show the flaws and weathered surfaces of damaged woods, so it is very important to clean and brighten the cedar siding with the right products and with care, as to not damage the wood.

The fascia on this home should last 5-7 years. Re-coating the horizontal surfaces of the decks every other year will allow the solid based stains to keep the wood smooth and fresh for years to come.

Log Home Staining


This home in Copper Mountain Colorado is one of many of the house staining projects we complete yearly in the Summit County Colorado area. A large percentage of the projects we complete are in the Breckenridge area. This is an example of a semi-transparent and solid stain craft design. The olive hues of the logs and the burgundy colors contrast with the natural setting. When staining log homes extra care is needed to assure the chinking remains clear of stain. It simply has to be done the old fashioned way…by hand.

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