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Gel Staining – Windows


Do you have old outdated trim in your home? There is an alternative to replacing the wood. Most people are amazed at the end result if the right product is used with the right technique.

In this Breckenridge home we changed the trim from an olive green to a light walnut color without replacing the wood, thus keeping the changes to the home within a reasonable budget.

We did run into a few problems as they previous finish was likely a waterborne stain. We decided after sampling that using our go-to Shellac would act as a bond for our top-coats. Shellac never lets us down. After sanding and sealing with shellac we applied one light gel stain coat and removed 80% before it dried. Our second coat was a light brush to get the wood effect. This is by far the trickiest part. It is very easy to apply too much, thus leaving a thick solid lookiing coat. We top-coated with satin polyurethane.

Stay tuned for more videos and photos of out gel stain projects!

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